3) IDE for NodeMCU/ESP8266

Ide per la programmazione

NexIDE v0.8-BETA

(From: http://www.esp8266.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1230)
An IDE based on Electron for the Internet of Things. http://thenexio.com

An IDE for programming in NodeMCU and Arduino

NexIDE is an IDE in which you can program in NodeMCU or Arduino core for ESP. You can upload the code to your NexBrd or any other ESP12 based boards.
Github: https://github.com/rgujju/NexIDE/
Website: http://thenexio.com/nexide


          Combined NodeMCU and Arduino programming


          Inbuilt Firmware building capability


          Inbuilt Serial Terminal


          Upload files to Board (OTA coming soon)


        Upload custom firmware directly from the IDE


The essential multiplatforms tools: Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for any ESP8266 developer from luatool author’s.
Including a LUA for NodeMCU and MicroPython. Also, all AT commands are supported.
Required JAVA (Standart Edition – SE ver 7 and above) installed.

Supported platforms (jSSC library)

        Windows(x86, x86-64)
        Linux(x86, x86-64, ARM soft & hard float)
        Solaris(x86, x86-64)
        Mac OS X(x86, x86-64, PPC, PPC64)
        Detailed features list
        Syntax highlighting LUA and Python code
        Code editor color themes: default, dark, Eclipse, IDEA, Visual Studio
        Undo/Redo editors features
      Code Autocomplete (Ctrl+Space)
      Smart send data to ESP8266 (without dumb send with fixed line delay), check correct answer from ESP8266 after every lines and old-style sending with line delay
      Code snippets feature
      ExtraHiSpeed (up to 921600) communication with NodeMCU (approx. 30-80 lines/sec on 115200)
      Upload to ESP and Download from ESP any lua and binaries files
        Cool ESP FileManager
        and more, more, more…


Getting Started With The ESPlorer IDE. Format:PDF, Author: Rui Santos